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lanky and has big ears. is friends with horses, giraffes,a fish , shrek , gay guy, and a sexy guy. sometimes acts like an ass hole ..*cough most of the time coughs* .. emm .. dances with poles and chickens in a shoe shop and likes to eat cheese and banana sandwichs.. weeeeeeeeeeird.
fish: blub blub.. me hungyy
kamil: feeds cheese and banana sandwich
giraffe: Me pot head wooop wooop I love Elle
Gay guy: i wna dance with somebody, with somebody in a shoe shop..
horse: Yee haaw, yee donkey.. I looove Shrek..
Shrek: i look sexy in tights i love smelly..
Sexy guy: im goin out with my girlfriend shortyy tonight.
by i am a whipperschnapper April 13, 2009

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