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1. Specifically means Lil Senoia Projects.
LSP is in the heart of downtown Senoia.
A small town in Georgia, bout 20 miles south of the ATL

2. LSP is a clique, or a bunch of people from the same hood. Most LSP members DO NOT LIKE ya folks from Newnan cuzz they faggot ass niggas that aint gone do shit! If you down with LSP then you a real ass nigga that stay reppin ya hood. LSP knows how to blaze. We a little city with some big dudes that stay trappin!
1. Neisha: Wut chyu doin tonite?
Marcus: Mayne imma go chill in da LSP with my folk blaze
Neisha: oh fo real imma be at da park chillin
Marcus: Yea u kno it guh imma be trappin all day
Neisha: i be in chill mode
Marcus: iight i see ya
Neisha: Thro dem "L's"
by i aint got no name May 04, 2007

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