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1 definition by i AM Neo

Ber-peas noun; The berpes is the disease of being contaminated by the bertfilth, by one, Bert McCracken, singer of The Used. The Berpes can be contracted by both indirect and direct contact to Bert, and in most cases, causes spontaneous combustion/implosion, disturbation. This is caused by Bert's complete and utter lack of personal hygiene. Example: during the 2004 Projekt Revolution Tour with Linkin Park, Bert wore the same pants the entire tour and when said pants ripped, he just stapled them. Said pants were also dirty the entire tour. All one needs to do is look at him and you can see the bertfilth. Coming into contact with the bertfilth causes Berpes.
If you touch either, A) Bert McCracken, B) any of The Used, C) any of My Chemical Romance, specifically Gerard Way, you will be infected by the Berpes.
So if you see Bert walking up the street towards you, RUN the other way very fast. And don't let Gerard Way touch you, because he's made out with Bert and thus you would be contaminated indirectly.
by i AM Neo April 19, 2006