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A small city north of edmonton where the per capita income is one of the highest in western canada. 63% above most households. Unlike e-town, st. albert is not sketch. Kids roam the streets at three in the morning and still can feel safe and not get shot.

As a kid, you love it here. You can play at all the parks, go on anywhere by yourself, and have just a great time. As you get older, it becomes boring and it seems that st albert has nothing to offer you to do until you hit grade 9. Then a sudden realization occurs to you and you now understand that St. Albert kids are rich and without many rules our boundaries. Parties are thrown constantly. Sex, alcohol, drugs, they're all just a part of their everyday lifes. ROlling up in their mercedes and escalades, rocking their thousand dollar outfits, it's ideal. Could you ask for a better place to be a teen?

St. A is a tight knit community. You give directions by landmarks, no one knows street names. Everyone knows everyone. Most of all, Gossip travels fast. Any thing you do will be known by everyone within the hour. The cliques are clearly defined within our highschools. THe clones are the top of the school. It's like their famous, everyone knows who they are, what they do, everything about them. They live out their highschool years thinking they're "it". And really they are. The girls here are raised to be perfect housewives. IQs are low, boobs are popping, and they know exactly how to please the guys.

People say the kids here can't wait to get out, but I have to disagree. Here in St. Albert, we're in our own bubble. Safe from the troubles and realities of the world. Planning on living off our daddy's and knowing all our problems dissapear when we're here.
Just remember this ideal lifestyle, ain't so sweet underneath the surface.

Live in St. Albert, you'll grow up fast.
by i'm from st. albert, deal April 07, 2009

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