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A member of an American political party founded in 1971 who supports the following policies:
1. Defend America’s border, practice isolationism, and ban the draft.
2. Allow immigration regardless of linguistic or economic skills.
3. Ban government discrimination against persons.
4. Disallow personhood for viable fetuses.
5. Prevent endorsement of religion by the government.
6. Allow gays to get married and serve in the military.
7. Private all natural resources including all land owned by the government.
8. Stop regulation of money and currency.
9. Replace all income and property taxes with other unspecified taxes.
10. Mandate balanced government budgets. Eliminate most government spending, except on enforcement of laws against force and fraud.
11. Prevent coercion, enforce contracts, and protect free personal association.
12. Nullify all limits on private ownership of military weaponry.
13. Allow all non-coercive economic association and repeal all antitrust laws.
14. Rely solely on torts to regulate pollution and other externalities.
15. Depend only on charity to help the poor.
16. Allow all free markets to manage industries, including natural monopolies.
The Libertarian party was founded to promote personal freedom and responsibilty by only giving the state the power to prevent force and fraud.
by hummerh3 April 30, 2004

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