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hott 7th grader in medford who i think isnt that flatt butt uhh shes got the hottest face and shes popular.......bang that ina second. haha
guy: woa nice ass on that chick
guy2: yea shes christine shes really hot
guys3: uhhh is she upp for grabbs?
by hottttttnessss March 22, 2005
really hott 7th grader with a nice ass, boobs are ok, and shes got the hottest face EVER in their whole grade... top hottest girls in 7th grade at medford are her, emily silk, kim ulick(slut), & mackenzie keizer?
kid: shes gotta bangin bod
kid2: yea id bang that too
kid: no i said bagnin bod
kid2: yeah uhh thats what i meant

christine ^ bangin bod
by hottttttnessss March 22, 2005
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