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3 definitions by hot malvern boy toy

cock sucking factory
gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, gulp
by hot malvern boy toy March 13, 2005
154 135
The type of attitude that wins all of the time even when it appears he may be losing horribly. With this attitude you can do know wrong and its perfectly fine to take other people's ideas and take credit for them because you have fucking mattitude. To have it you must be Matt.
Matt doesnt cry, only water comes from his eyes when things don't comply to his liking and he also likes to put his penis inside the people he loves
by hot malvern boy toy March 13, 2005
39 25
Best school on the planet. We could just suck each others dicks all day and we'd still be cooler than other schools because at the end of the day we sucked each others dicks................AT MALVERN PREP.
+ nobody likes devon prep kids if it were the eighties you'd all be playing dungeons and dragons. LOSERS
We are too sweet, too be
by hot malvern boy toy March 13, 2005
108 157