4 definitions by hoss geller

When have to wipe your balls, after taking a shit.
ken dropped his watch in the toliet, while performing a "Memphis Mudflap," on his male sex slave.
by hoss geller September 10, 2011
Bringing a prositiute to your beach house
scotts plan for a "Long Island Bonesaw," was derailed by a police investigation.
by hoss geller September 10, 2011
A place where spanish, male prostitutes and post-adolescent virginity, go to die.
In July of 2010, on the sandy beaches of Long Island, Police found Pedro, 19, lying face down, in a pool of urine and blood, in scotties"e"wagon.
by hoss geller January 12, 2012
Unwilling to accept reality.
A: "Do you think Zombies clip their toe-nails?'

B: "Zombies arnt real, end of zombie conversations."
by hoss geller January 16, 2012

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