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2 definitions by hook53

Ok for all you ignorant people who follow the webster distionary .
The word " shit " is a Acroynm....it was created in the late 1700 , when the english were shipping products from Europe to the new world.

The bottom of the boat would seep in water , thus getting things wet. SO each crate was stamped with the acroynm S.H.I.T = this stood for " Ship Hi In Transit " ..This way each Item was placed on the top deck....it had NO bearing on the swear word...Only those who read webster who was not a language person would come up with such foolishness...so dig your head out of your &^^^^ , and learn the language ..Post others and I will help you ...
shit is not a swear word !!!
by hook53 July 16, 2009
F.U.C.K = a acroynm , is not a swear word. When will people learn , and look for themselves and FORGET webster who was a NON language person
NOTE...the word F.U.C.K...stands for a word RIGHT out for the bible ...From the letter of paul...Its meaning is " Fornication Under Carnel Knowledge ". Get some insight on what you are talking about..
fuck sex
by hook53 July 16, 2009