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19 definitions by homer simpson

Void of mind, and social life.
Being gay and prefering Butt Sex.
Your an DJKMAC!
by Homer Simpson May 28, 2004
Group of close friends, consisting of about 25 people overall. 95% of them went to the same school, with the additional 5% coming in from somewhere else. Some people in the group are Mike Pfeiffer, Ryan Malone, Kahla, Jess, Kate, Dudash, Trevor, Greg, Joe, Ryan, Dan, Kasia, Lauren and Beth. Most of the time, they hang out at Greg's Apartment
Whats going on with the rest of the group?

Call everyone else in the group.
by Homer Simpson February 15, 2005
Family of friends.
the Sir FukaLots.
by Homer Simpson October 15, 2003
Donut without the "nut"
Doh', Nuts...

mmmmm, donuts...
by Homer Simpson April 29, 2003
when you see a girl who is tall with blonde hair and big boobs, you call her a kwitty.
"Check out that babe"
"yeah, shes a kwitty"
by homer simpson March 19, 2005
A really old doughnut
Next time you ask for a "shmear" on that bagel, you should ask for sprinkles too. Why? A "hole" lot of cheating at the Kwik-E-Mart, that's why. Turns out that Apu is selling chewy week-old donuts -- from the bagel bin! Is nothing sacred? In this reporter's opinion, no.
by Homer Simpson December 27, 2004
THE HOLE IN UR ASS that shit comes out of
I GOT FUCKED IN THE ANUS after i cummed in my mouth
by Homer Simpson June 17, 2006