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This is how black people say "them".
"Let dem ho's fight."

"Fa sho."
by Hollaback1212 January 27, 2009
A Mexican version of "yes".
"Hey mang, did you get picked up on Yonkers Avenue to work today?" "jyes.."
by Hollaback1212 January 06, 2009
A TV-friendly version of "bullshit".
"Bullstuff mothalova!"
by Hollaback1212 January 05, 2009
A word used in stating that something is alright.
"Yo ma nigga, i aint mean to mack on yo bitch." "Sokay."
by Hollaback1212 January 04, 2009
1. A TV-friendly version of "motherfucker".
2. Someone ballin named Sam.
1. "Bullstuff mothalova!"
2. "Mothalova!" "Mothalova!"
by Hollaback1212 January 05, 2009
A sex move performed by the Ancient Aztecs. One performs this by tying their partner down, turning the ceiling fan on high, grabbing onto it, and shitting all over the room. Intercourse is optional.
"After that Mudstorm last night, I've found it almost impossible to get the stains out of these sheets." "Sweet lovin has its price to pay."
by Hollaback1212 January 12, 2009
The Scottish equivalent to "upskirt", but they wear kilts, not skirts.
"Yo did you see that dude's upkilt?" "Yea ma nigga he had some nasty old balls!"
by Hollaback1212 January 12, 2009
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