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the most amazing singer with real talent she has amazing vocals and doesnt have to show her body to sell music,takes part in Evanescence and they rule!! i still cant believe ben moody left.
charvs often dont know who she is but if they do they assume she is a goth, typical fools.
'iiin my feild of paper floweeerrs'
sarah:omg i just had shivers what an amazing voice
stef:i know i still cant believe ben left.
*both start crying*
*Charv walks in*
charv:yo dem moshers are listenin to that goth bitch again.
Sarah + stef: Fuck off brainless nobjockey
by hmmm let me think November 14, 2004
a leeds band,
sarah jay
a band as in muuuuuuzzzac hahah
by hmmm let me think November 01, 2004
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