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A pimp cane. Used primarly for:

1)Threatening hoes into staying in line

2)Keeping bitch ass niggas from steppin'

3)Discouraging a snitch from trying to pinch pimpin'.

The larger and more encrusted with gold and jewels it is, the more likely it is to make the target bitch behave in a satisfactory manner.
1) "Ho, play me like a sucka one more time and I swear to God I'll get the Bitch Be Good stick after yo ass."

2)"Nigga you best step back before I catch yo chin with my Bitch Be Good Stick!"

3)"Yo, I heard some snitch nigga just threw up the E.T. Finger. Now I gotta whip his ass with the Bitch Be Good Stick."
by hksfx88 May 05, 2009
A vagina that is old, moldy green, and full of extra wrinkles. Originated from the Jason Ellis Show, allegedly.
Madonna definitely has a yoda pussy.
by hksfx88 November 12, 2008

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