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when a person widens their eyes to stare as intensely as possible while flaring their nostrils and also frowning heavily at the same time. it is not a pretty site but could be used in any given moment. such as to mimic, make a joke, say someone wasn't attractive and usually getting a laughter outcome from doing so. especially good for when someones ticked off and you mock them cause you find humor in so or if you would like to mess around with people to creep them out or even to just make people laugh. usually with 'the ugly face' came the deep toned voice to make it even more intense for the viewer and to point your pointer finger at the viewer also makes matters more extreme. its one epic face and couldn't be any uglier. it was created in 2004 by matthew william cohen.
This fellow on the bus kept staring at me so I gave him the uglyface.

You suck for doing the uglyface at my wedding, I spilled wine all over my bride from laughter.
by hitsfromthegong December 13, 2010

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