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2 definitions by hirshnoc

1. To create a debt out of thin air.

2. To reinstate a past debt for present benefit, usually one that is trivial.

3. To create a debt out of deeds normally performed as a favor.
Ex: Gary told Robert, after agreeing to jointly rent a DVD, that he owed the full $2 due to the fact that Robert drank a glass of his orange juice.

Robert, 'you're pulling a stephen on me.'

Ex. Mark told Robert that he owed him $50 for his exercise bike, at which point Robert asked for $4 discount for a slice of pizza he purchased for Mark, seemingly as a nice gesture, over a year ago.

Ex. Marsha asked Tracy to pick up some flowers for the house at the grocery store, at which point Tracy told Marsha she owed her $3.95 plus tax.
by hirshnoc January 19, 2011
In StarCraft, a term used for players who play all three races: Protoss, Zerg, and Terran. Oftentimes these players will play Random.

The term can have positive or derogatory meaning, as these players generally lack the specific depth of skill and knowledge dude to their superficial understanding of each race; with few exceptions (LiquidTLO).

The term was derived from taking a few letters of each race, 'Pro' from 'Protoss,' 'Ze' from 'Zerg,' and 'Ta' from 'TerrAn,' and pronounced to rhyme with 'Rosetta,' which references the presence of a number of different languages and the ability to unlock the meaning of them.

"Proz." for short.
Q: Do you play Terran, Zerg, or Protoss?

A: I play ProZeTa.

GoSuGamer1: That noob is playing ProZeTa again.

GoSuGamer2: Don't invite him to any more games until he picks a fucking race.
by hirshnoc March 04, 2012