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Its just another store in a mall. Its cool if you wanna shop there, and you shouldnt be judged on where you shop. i personally think theyre alright. And to all you stuck up surfers out there who hate it just remember all it is is a way to get more cash flow into the surfin industry everytime one of those wannabes buys any of the actual surf gear. sure theyre posers but if all you see is their cash dont bitch about it. im sure theres other sports out there that wish they were as well known and liked, or had the extra income from posers and wannabes
Hey wanna go shop at hollister?
Nah i dont really like that store
Oh thats cool with me
by hilton baseball player 92 March 11, 2006
Its a store in a mall. If you like their clothes great. If you dont then dont buy them. Sure some people dont like destroyed jeans, but hey maybe they dont like the way you dress. It's not preppy its just clothes for those who like them. Next time you call something preppy you might wanna learn what "preppy" really means, or what a "prep" really is. And to make fun of them just because theyre expensive is just gay itself. Its not the clothes that make the man.
Hey wanna go to abercrombie?
No man i dont like their clothes that much.
Oh thats cool
by hilton baseball player 92 March 11, 2006
Abercrombie and Fitch. It is not preppy because if you look at what a prep is they wouldnt be caught dead in A&F. And yeah they may conform with the typical high schooler but the alternative is to look like you just woke up and threw on shit. Or you could always be one of those strict non-conformists that actually look like every other non-conformist. so all in all why not look good and?
Im not gonna shop at A&F because they are too conformist...instead ill wear all black a black hoodie, and black pants (maybe girl pants?) yeah thatll show em no one wears that
by hilton baseball player 92 March 11, 2006
A complete rip-off of Abercrombie. Even the name AE. Is it just me or doest that look surprisingly like AF? Its for kids who just wanna be like the "preps", but really look queer wearing it, because its not prep at all. Abercrombie will come out with a shirt or a new style and you wont see it in American Eagle for another month. It takes them time to copy it just right. So if you wanna rip-off a great store shop there.
"Hey i saw this in Abercrombie a month ago!....and this!....and this!......geee you think American Eagle might be ripping-off Abercrombie?"
by hilton baseball player 92 March 17, 2006
People who are too cheap to shop at Abercrombie. And by the way niether of these stores are "preppy". Abercrombies a good store that isnt "preppy" just good clothes. American Eagle is their knock-off brand. Its for all those fags that are too chaep to pay good money for quality clothes.
American Eagle Sucks 'cause they totally take abercrombies ideas every month. Dont support them you desperate prep wannabes.
by hilton baseball player 92 March 17, 2006
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