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29 definitions by highrida4rmgrapestreet bbk

the best city in the world. known for military, weather, and just being the tightest city ever. although the cost of living is astronomically high. the average price for a house here is well over 500,000 dollars
where you from?
san diego
by highrida4rmgrapestreet BBK March 26, 2005
north county is most definitely NOT the ghetto of san diego. either you are completely ignorant or you dont live in san diego. north county is the nice/nicer side of san diego and the ghetto would be the south and the east. this includes skyline, east san diego, chula vista, national city, north park, logan/normal heights, barrio logan, and many many other hoods.
north county is the nicer side, all the gringos and old people live there....
by highrida4rmgrapestreet BBK March 26, 2005
mira mesa is a place in north san diego. it is an awesome place to live. known for asians and pacific islanders.it is very expensive to live here, and it is also dangerous for certain individuals. also the home of the marauders, the mascot for mira mesa high school, which is located on mira mesa boulevard.
mira mesa is tight....i wanna go back...
by highrida4rmgrapestreet BBK March 26, 2005
a place in San Diego thats known for rednecks and a nice drive in.
hey lets go see bobby sue and her toothless hick husband i mean brother
by highrida4rmgrapestreet BBK June 24, 2005
a whack ass place east of mira mesa. full of rich white people driving lexus SUV's and sprawling sub-division housing developments. scripps ranch is the rival of mira mesa
for all you gringo ass mira mesa haters, mira mesa isn't full of toothless old asians who cant speak english, huge fishmarkets, and honda civics. thats only half of it
by highrida4rmgrapestreet BBK June 20, 2005
a community in north central san diego. the north side is ghetto and has madison high school, ray kroc middle, and lots of taco shops. the south side is average and has clairemont high, horizon high, and lots of elementary schools. the middle is nothing but neighborhoods.
borders pacific beach on the west, university city on the north, kearny mesa to the east, and linda vista to the south.
clairemont is a nice place to live.
by highrida4rmgrapestreet BBK October 29, 2005
dagotown is a nickman for the city of San Diego, California.

see also daygo
As we kick it in Dagotown
Throw your hood up represent your town
Hit the switch baby scrape the ground
Turn it up and hear the bass boom out
We cruise lowriders
Hundred spoke tires
Deep with Southsiders

-Mr. Sancho
From The Streets of Cali
by Highrida4rmgrapestreet BBK October 20, 2005