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2 definitions by high school graduate

This is the day you leave high school with a diploma, and many gaping wounds and/or emotional pain/catharsis.
Wow, Tom! Congratulations on graduating from high school, isn't that a big relief?

Tom: Well, this wound from AP Chemistry will never go away, and I feel like crying like a little girl, knowing I don't have to put up with those fucking losers and that history teacher for the rest of my life *cries*


Then comes college, when you become a freshman all over again, CONGRATS!
by high school graduate May 26, 2009
A group of really attractive popular girls who graduated from James Island High School that try to all hook up with the same guy and get as many as possible. But no one thinks their sluts.
"Hey man are you goin to that double kegger tonight?"
"Man only if the slute squad's gonna be there"

"Guess what man?"
"I hooked up with one of the slute squad girls!"
"Aww shit you're so lucky"
by High school graduate June 23, 2013