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Guido's are hairy, ugly, metro-sexual men almost to the point where you start to question if he's straight or not, they usually like to spend a lotta time on their hair, tacky gold jewlery, fake tans (see Gotti Brothers)and they work out a whole lot, talk with a lame accent and try to act black at times.
They're usually pretty perverted as well, they claim to be hung like horses but let's not kid ourselves, they're not black men.
by high rolla April 16, 2005
Alicia's one of the hottest singers out there she's both beautiful and can sing, but she's hella boring and some of the things she says are dumb as hell.

She also has a tat on her lower back which says "think 4 urself"
I was watching some show on TV and Alicia made the strangest comment to another celeb she said "you cool, imma call you smashing pumpkin" so I'm thinking either she's stupid in real life, was high as hell or she was trying to be clever but failed again (see tattoo)
by high rolla April 16, 2005
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