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aka - hickville, po-dunk, middle of nowhere

the town where 4 people live in northern harford county near the baltimore county and pennsylvania lines. the only town where the area high school has a bring your tractor to school day and everyone looks forward to it.
the "cool thing" to do around town is hang out at the 7-11 or just drive your truck around and hit mailboxes. stealing street signs is also popular.
to fit in you must learn to drink daily and smoke pot even more often than you thought possible. you must also act as hick as possible.
Katie - Are y'all goin down to da tractor show up in pennsyltucky?

Timmy - hell yeah, i ain't miss it for a six pack. but 6 six packs, maybe. y'all got any weed? and i got the muchies too.
by hickville-ian March 15, 2005

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