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Weird person: "When you look up 'dictionary' in the dictionary, it just says 'this'."
by hg3300 February 27, 2010
"Flair" is a general term used to describe round buttons of various sizes pinned to one's shirts and used to express one's self. Popularized by the 1999 film "Office Space," where a restaurant "Chotchkie's" required employees to wear "at least" 15 pieces of flair.
"Brian has 37 pieces of flair."
by hg3300 January 23, 2010
1. a person who frequently uses drugs
2. one who wishes they had access to drugs
3. one who tries to find a connection to drugs in every song that has ever been recorded. (Some common examples are The Beatles' Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Chicago's 25 or 6 to 4)
1. I think my roommate is a druggie cuz I saw him smokin' weed in the bathroom last night.
2. I think my brother is a druggie because after we moved he had "withdrawal" symptoms, probably cuz he didn't know where to get the stuff in our new neighborhood.
3. My uncle thinks that every song is about drugs. I believe firmly that he is a druggie.
by hg3300 May 18, 2010
Fictional region in the first Shrek film. Ruled by Lord Farquaad.
"Duloc is a perfect place!"
by hg3300 February 13, 2010
A warehouse full of spatulas for *any* occasion. Popularized on U-62 (a UHF station) in the movie UHF.
♫Spatula City, we sell spatulas, and that's all!♪
by hg3300 May 18, 2010
1. Yes
2. A TV show that the Griffins watch on "Family Guy"
Bob: Are you sure I don't have a penis?
Job: Mmm hmm!

Announcer: We now return to "Mmm Hmm."
Lady 1: Mmm hmm.
Lady 2: Umm mmm!
Lady 3: Mmm hmm!
by hg3300 May 18, 2010
Popularized on Jay Leno's "Headlines," short for "Morrison & Forrester," a law firm. The name was deemed too long, so they shortened it to "MoFo!"
"Where's my MoFo lawyer?!? You tell my MoFo lawyer to get his ass down here!!!"
by hg3300 January 23, 2010
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