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DCD is a very homosexual private school for rich homosexuals in the Dedham, Massachusetts area. Everyone there is quite fat. Especially Mr. Rudolphus a. Ford, III. Rudy also beats kids up for no reason.When people see him coming down the hall they run.

DCD has a tremendously diverse enviroment. Every class has an average of 1 non-white child! Wowies!

DCD is very trendy. Especially J Heautha. He is ghetto, for rizzle. I love that guy.

Oh, and you never learn anything there. In fact, for every year you go there, you lose about 50 IQ points. :)
Man, that J Heautha is so cool. Is he a caucasian or what?

Oh god!! Here comes Rudolphus, the principle of this poop-hole, DCD! Run and hide!!! GAHH!!!!
by hfiohifw June 19, 2006

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