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one f the best shows ever!!!
with the funniest scenes. the funnier characters are red hyde and eric
(eric was caught jacking off by his girlfriend talks about it with his da') scene from that '70s show

red : there's only one thing left to do... counter attack! go in the offensive!!
eric : what? that's suicide man..
red : no no they'll never expect it, it throws them of.. this one time in korea, whe had that little guy outnumbered twenty to one. but then he ran at us, screaming his head of... and we were so taken of guard, we dove right into our foxholes, ghehe.

eric : ... he got away???
red : huw? .. no no.. we were startled for a moment but then the whole company opened up on him gheheh

by het matras July 09, 2006

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