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1 definition by herteddybear

A name given to the greatest girl ever. She is the one with the biggest heart and can put up with so much stuff.She is beautiful in every way. She also has the sweetest voice ever. It can brighten your mood even when your really down. She also is the sexiest person out there. She is also very addicting. You can't stay mad or upset with her. She can just start talking in this really cute voice and you would instantly like/love her again. Oh,, and she is the greatest girlfriend in the entire world. She is always there for her man. She is loyal and respectful. But don't get her mad otherwise your going to have hell to pay. lol. But other than that she is the best person ever. And she is also the greatest girlfriend you could ever have.
That girl there? Yeah. That's Victoria. the greatest thing that God has sent to this earth.
by herteddybear March 10, 2013