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1) she is fighting bitch but she can also be nice

2) her dad is a fuck up but her mom is awesome

3) she is really beautiful

4) she is veryy sassy

5) she is in LOVE

6)she hates her math teacher

7) her gym teacher is a perve

8) she hates preps

9) she has 4 sisters and 1 bro going on 2
10) she doesnt care what the fuck she doess
girl#1) did you hear of carolyn dermody

girl#2) yess she is a amazing

girl#3) i dont like her shes bad

carolyn dermodys friend#1) shes not bad ur just good

carolyn dermodys friend#2) says to girl #3 i would say that about carolyn js chick

girl#3: ur righttt :(((
by hergurl#624 January 27, 2012

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