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A adjective describing someone who is always stoned/drunk. Can also be used to describe someone who has serious, serious ADD

A noun that can be given to someone who is a bum and is always occupied trying to find ways of getting stoned/drunk.
"That fool was acting pretty shippy during last nights party"
"Damn, another shippy passed out on my yard"
"I saw two shippies selling meth in an alley"
by heinrich p blickitsmann June 02, 2005
A small town of about 7,800 people in western Virginia with two universities a river and a few cops to patrol it all. This city boasts the second to highest property value in all of Virginia. A normal 2 bedroom, half bathroom house would cost you 450,000$(no joke). The reason for this is that it is a hisotrical place where Confederate General Robert E Lee founded Washington and Lee University and General Stonewall Jackson went to VMI, and other stupid historical crap as well as a pretty "view". Anyway, the cops are extremely loose and you can get away with most anything. Everyone in this town is either a liberal, a redneck, white trash, a gangsta(there are gangsters, too), or a college student.
person a:"Theres no way Todd is coming to the party"
person b:"he might if he pulls a lexington,va"
by heinrich p blickitsmann June 03, 2005

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