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To be raped by a large dong. named after the hoss dildo Measurements: 13 x 2.75 Inches
Damn that test was hard. It hossed me for hours
by heathen at frightfan December 03, 2009
To kill yourself. Taken from the thought that doing it on a tarp makes it easier to clean up
Jose hates him life. I think he is going to tarp it.
by heathen at frightfan October 31, 2009
To take a shit. Named for retreating to the furthest stall to be away from distraction while doing it
That burrito is killing me. I am going to cornerstall
by heathen at frightfan November 02, 2009
To have sex. taken from the movie troll 2
that guy and the ugly chick were popping corn in troll 2
by heathen at frightfan January 03, 2010

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