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The word noob was derived from the word "newbie", which originated in the online gamer world. It refers to someone who is new at a game and portrays it well, although experienced players use it often on each other when they mess up really badly, not that they are "noob", but they are playing like one.
The word noob has a humorous and negative connotation, as it can be somewhat insulting. Noob can be chopped up into nuub, n00b, chobo, n00bZ0RZZ... and the like, although complicated variations are looked down upon by many because of their silliness and defeat of the original purpose of the word, which is to be short and sweet: noob.
1. You know why they walked away with our flag? Because you left the noob guarding it!
2. Dude, stop acting like a noob and lets pwn these guys.
by heartattack January 06, 2006

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