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4 definitions by hazelbasil

noun: the action of being amused by other people’s pain.

It was a great soccer game to watch, but that was pure enterpainment when Nate headbutted Dave in the forehead!
by hazelbasil July 18, 2008
the combination of crafting and farting; can be used as a verb or noun

the art or skill of crafting, but farting around instead.

the skill behind or for farting noises
I'm at work, but I'd rather be crafarting.
by hazelbasil April 21, 2009
the ability to make an object or person fatter.
That dress makes her look fattery.
That dress is very fattering on you.
by hazelbasil July 17, 2008
noun: the art or science of combining vocal or instrumental harmonies and sounds that cause illness, pain or discomfort.

That new Britney song is musick.
Her voice is musick to my ears.
by hazelbasil July 24, 2008