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The act of covering an informer with gasoline and piling tires around them to constrict the arms, the fire inside makes bodies unidentifiable. This is a common tactic used by cartels to instill fear amongst drug mules and rivals that have any ideas a stealing or betraying the cartel. Also called Necklacing. One of the most savage and inhumane ways to kill another human being. The person can even be kept alive longer by inserting hoses into the mouth to prevent death by asphyxiation and giving unheated air while burning alive
"seven bodies were found in the mexican desert scorched beyond recognition. The killers piles tires around the deceased to create a mini furnace, the rubber melted to create a vile mess of organic slime. Victims were believed to be alive when fire was started. The latest mexican microwave murders in an escalating drug war."
by haunted theync viewer September 16, 2013

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