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Let me state a few facts first, beginning with self-experience. I've started developing into the whole goth lifestyle back in late '04, starting out by wearing black. I wasn't into the whole Marilyn Manson or Linkin Park bullshit at that time, because I knew they weren't goth bands. After the whole black clothings, I started getting into goth rock(ex: Bauhaus, Lacuna Coil, Moonspell, HIM, The 69 Eyes). Then afterwards, other sets of metal was what I started listening to as well(excluding Nu-Metal). At first, I thought that I was never going to change my image. But that obviously wasn't true.

However, the goths of what I saw, were different from the goths of today. The goths back then were there to live life on the "darker" sides of things, meaning that they would abolish of whatever that is related to the mainstream. Those who were different. Those who were unique. Those who had their own style in clothings, words, and what not. The whole "goth" scene developed from a germanic/barbaric tribe that invaded the Roman Empire. The first kind of goths were known as the "visigoths", or aka The Noble Ones. They sacked the Roman Empire, otherwise known as the "mainstream" of that time.. so I'm pretty sure you can compare that to the gothic scene of my time.

Then suddenly, the whole goth scene started to evolve ONCE again. Kids are now transforming the scene into a trend, buying merchandise after merchandise, giving the impression as if they're buying candy from a store. They worship sellout stores such as hot topic, and claim to be "different".. but yet, they all dress the same, act the same, have the same desire of wanting to be "different", and considering themselves "rebellious teens". The thing is, these morons don't know that shit such as Hot Topic or MTV are nothing but a bunch of sellout brainwashing companies. Why do you think they charge such a ridiculous and pointless amount of money for merchandise? It's simple. They're trying to make money by selling out merchandises. And these "rebelious" goths are following them.

So basically, if you really want to be unique, different, rebellious, or what not.. the only thing you would really need to do is to be yourself, because that's one of the unique traits that most people don't possess nowadays.

Do I still listen to goth rock? Of course. Do I still listen to black/death/thrash/speed metal? Definitely. Do I still dress in black? Yes, more than often. Do I go around acting rebellious by wearing eyeliner and painting my nails black, and prancing around graveyards and worship Marilyn Manson for a living? FUCK NO.
retarded teen angst goth kid: dude... I'm like... so different from those Britney Spears loving conformists.... and I hate society... and that makes me rebellious and different...

me: no dude, hating society doesn't make you a "rebel", it makes you a douche bag.

RTAGK: well you're just a dumb conformist, that's all. try living in my shoes, then you'll see how much I have to suffer.

me: go shove a tube down your throat, pour oil on the tip, and flare a matchstick and light it on fire, you goth-cut-yourself-kid. why don't you try living in a third world country, then you'll understand the true meaning of "suffer". Just knowing your presence disgusts me, you imbred cunt.
by hatchetwarrior4life December 21, 2006

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