10 definitions by hasselhoffman

when you beat someone so bad that you dont know how else to say it. when you beat someone that has an advantage over you.
ex1. Wow kid 1v1 on your host get slapped.

ex2. We slapped them with ease.
by hasselhoffman February 20, 2009
Short for The business.
v. something that you give to someone else. Extreme rape, to give someone the biz is to completely poop on them.
Ex1. "Give these kids the biz"
Ex2. "You just got the biz son"
by hasselhoffman February 27, 2009
someone who is unknown, and they want to be notoriously well known.
ex1. Kid no one knows who are you are your such a randumb.

ex2. These guys are a bunch of randumbs
by hasselhoffman February 20, 2009
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