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A decaying city in Western New York. There are a few main groups of people that inhabit this area: Gangsters, college students, and orange skanks/douchebags, usually from Greece, who work hourly wage jobs but will blow their whole paycheck on bottle service at Scene Ultra Lounge to create the illusion of being a baller. While U of R and RIT students and graduates bring the city average IQ up to a 63, the general population struggles to pass high school reading class. This is proven by the fact that 75% of people who grew up in Rochester are proud to get accepted at MCC, though most just fail out by age 20. These dregs then go full time employment at the tanning salon, gym, or restaurant for their entire lives. If you can overlook the roid rage, sparkly man jewelry, fake louis vuitton bags, and girls who wear tar for eyeliner, you'll actually find some pretty parks, great restaurants and maybe some cool art galleries... that is, if everything's not covered in the lake effect snow dump. Oh. Rochester.
"Let's go down to East and Alexander and find some hot Rochester girls who can't spell their last names. They have low paying jobs, and low self-esteem to match!"

"We have to drive to Rochester, NY for your 17-year-old cousin's baby shower. We better stop and get some Ed Hardy onesies, likes she asked for."

"Rochester is perfectly safe, as long as you live 15 minutes outside the city limits."
by hashtagyoureugly February 13, 2012

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