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1 definition by harsh words

Someone who fights like a pussy despite having a significant weight advantage over...well everyone. Occasionally attempts to scratch like a girl and manages to achieve claw marks like a bear.

A Ragopan walks around hugging and lifting up people leaving them smelling of his scent.
A Ragopan secretes a scent 100x more pungent than anything else known to man. 5ml of a Ragopans scent is enough to knock out a baby elephant for several hours.
Person A: hey, how did you get those marks on your face?
Person B: i got in a fight with a bear yesterday...and a Ragopan clawed me for no apparent reason.

Person A: Oh my god what's that smell?
Person B: I saw a Ragopan a few miles a way, might be that.
by harsh words March 28, 2009
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