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Flirtations of a sexual nature. Generally referring to a groping hug, talking dirty or sucking on objects usually in a public place such as a club, library or in court.
"I might have thought she was just being cute but she started tossing her lemon slices at me and I got hard as a rock!"
by harlita January 26, 2008
Adult Fanfiction (like "lemons") but of an extremely explicit nature. Lemonade being a fanfic with Lemons being the sex scenes in it, Hard Lemonade is used to describe the fanfics of an extremely explicit nature, usually written in gratuitous detail, leaving nothing to the imagination.
"I've read some good Harry Potter lemons before, but this latest update was nothing but hard lemonade! I had to take a shower after it!"
by harlita January 27, 2008

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