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a dwarfy lopsided odd shaped bastard whos done so many evil nasty rotten things to people in her sad wee odd shaped miserable life, that she is now a most hated bitch amongst the workforce....oh & she smells of fish as well, possibly because of her close family connections with the sea!
why is everybody so sad & downtrodden looking? oh its just that we have all been stung & shit on by the mosted hated bitch...dont open ur mouth or one of her fan club will run 2 her with some pishy story to keep her drama adrenalin running coz she is a most hated bitch!!!
by harbour master March 02, 2008
one who is small & odd shaped & married to a walrus...she appears from upstairs in her waders & pvc hat & coat carrying her pail & net to go & catch her hubbys dinner at the harbour...where u going dear? he asks (in fish language)...im going fishing 2 catch the supper dear, i wont b long......flap flap flap!!!!
oh look theres the neighbour going fishing again....is it? oh dear the pond must be empty again...i heard him splashing around at 4am!
by harbour master February 27, 2008

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