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Broken english used by African-Americans (ebo-americans?) and white wanna-be gen-X-ers. Practitoners can be identified by tennis shoes that are stomped down in the rear, so as to be worn like house slippers.
Frequently involves droppin' the las' consonan' of a word.
Deft = def.
Shee mu-fuka, tha's def!
by hannibal lickter July 10, 2005
the awkwark move a woman has to make when she won't swallow your splooge and runs to the bathroom with her mouth open, head tilted back.
i came in her mouth and she started gagging, then she ran to the bathroom - doin' the jazz hands, gargling all the way.
by hannibal lickter April 03, 2009
What a speed freak has after too many days up.
Quit peeking outside! No one wants to see your twisty face!
by hannibal lickter April 28, 2005
alien slang meaning "check it out"
Keeza! keeza! Check the mazorps on that one.
by hannibal lickter April 18, 2005
what the crucifix means to non-christians.
mommy, why do those people have a dead man on a stick for a necklace?
by hannibal lickter April 03, 2009
What no traveling salesman wants to hear from his kids. Mother tells the kids every overnight male gueat is their uncle. A man on the road a lot becomes another face to small kids.
I've been on the road so much, my kids call me "Uncle Daddy" now.
by hannibal lickter May 12, 2005
to punch someone.
mutha-fucka dissed me, i had to twist off on him.
by hannibal lickter April 03, 2009

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