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A very popular YouTube user from the UK, Charlie McDonnel, who has a large fan base of teenagers, mos of whom are girls. He plays the guitar and ukulele and is a very skilled singer/songwriter. His videos are often very comedic, featuring original songs and skits. McDonnel has great hair and is very attractive. Although he complains about having acne, even making a song about it, he in fact looks perfect and should not worry about such things. He is also very loyal to his fans as shown in his Twitter account, in which he responds only to his followers' tweets and does not follow anyone. Charlieissocoollike is basically the prime example for what a girl looks for in a guy.
Lea: Charlieissocoollike is so perfect. Why can't I meet someone like him in my life?

Valerie: But nobody's perfect.

Lea: Charlie is.
by hannalikesbananabread February 28, 2010

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