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1 definition by half.... you knoe the rest

abbo, black aussi fella who wants a dolla m8
1. abbo: hey man u got a dolla?
u:what 4?
abbo:the bus man
u:i got a bus ticket?
abbo: cant buy boose/petrol with a bus ticket

2. oi you abbo cunt you stole my bicycle!

3. where is thay jerry can with the
nipple on top dougy's thirstin

4. scuse my bro but ar... ur on my land

5. abbo: hey buddy did you want to die?
me: nah not really
abbo: then dont speak on the fone in
the petrol station.
me: if you wanna stay alive stop drinkin this shit! *points to unleaded*
by half.... you knoe the rest April 09, 2004