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a large amount, a large abundance of something
we always get jigunda contact solution
by Hailey November 26, 2004
Anybody who wears Burberry, drinks "Buckie" and hangs about randomly on street corners of a night with their shell-suit bottoms tucked into their socks. Stands for Non Educated Delinquent. Also, sticks up middle finger at any nearby camera in a vain attempt to look like a "hard man". The female version sports sovereign rings on every finger and is commonly referred to as a "Senga".
"What a wee ned!"
by Hailey October 25, 2003
Eedle is a word for either Hailey or Megan. It is a word to describe your best friend...(and yes, it is a good thing). Eedle is Hailey's best friend and Eedle is Megan's best friend.

Backgroud: Enlgish, especially chiwawa area
Megan is an eedle.
by Hailey May 11, 2004
um, this one is hard, but it just basically meens a snotty bitch who thinks she knowes EVERYTHING. She doesn't have too be rich...just always wears tight SLUTY clothes.

I dont know, thats for me to know, and you to find out...;)
by Hailey February 25, 2004

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