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1. the freaky little pink thing with the swirly hair on Pokemon.

2. the light and fluffy layer of insulation that comes from over eating or sitting on your butt all day.

i.e. fat, pudge, excess weight
"Geez you lard ass, pull down your shirt, your jiggly puff is hangin out all over the place."
by haha...oh wait July 31, 2006
A really, really ugly guy. Usually a one that hits on you or in some other way shows an intrest in you. The actual definition comes from the cold hard truth the guy's face resembles a dog's butt or is infact uglier than one. Either that, or his personality totally blows.
"Ugh. Why do I always get all the dogs butts?" Emmy cried after Tom the pizza faced Sophmore with the permanent allergies gave her a cafeteria cookie and a hand drawn stick figure portrait. "It's like I'm a dog butt magnet of something."
by haha...oh wait July 20, 2006
hot like sex-- when something is so undeniably awesome it out plays everything else. Sex is the only thing that could compare. use it like an adjective.
1. Shimmy is hot like sex.

2. -Jessie's party was so freakin' fun.
:Yeah, it was hot like sex.
by haha...oh wait August 25, 2006
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