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3 definitions by hagbard

A term used as a blanket condemnation of any success a white person may have. Regardless of any advantages a minority member might recieve such as free tuition, easy loans or tax breaks (read native Americans), white privilege is assumed whenever a white person succeeds.
White people succeed because of white privelege only. Every other successful person succeeds purely in spite of it. - any given bitter minority
by hagbard January 08, 2005
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Mere human. From the Illuminatus! trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson.
Don't tell the mehums!
by Hagbard September 09, 2003
27 12
Also known as "Pulling a Jerry"
In tech circles, leaving out an obvious and necessary closing tag, then claiming ignorance while thousands of surfers get a broken page.
DUDE, I totally just pulled a Jerry. Forgot a </a>
by Hagbard September 16, 2004
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