10 definitions by guymontag

Nadsat for "belly". You may have seen this in Clockwork Orange.
Look at the brooko on that one! What a fatass!
by GuyMontag September 23, 2004
Shorthand in the game Starcraft for "hyrdralisk", and extremely for "ultralisk" or "mutalisk"
You need more lisks, man! Kill them rines!
by GuyMontag September 23, 2004
1. Adj. - Cool; sweet; awesome; great
2. Adj. - Same as above, but used when you don't really care about something; a neutral response.

Also: bitchin'
1. That game is bitchin'!
2. Girl: I met up with Janie today and *drones on...*
Guy: Bitchin'.
by GuyMontag September 23, 2004

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