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A drug typically recommended or prescribed by therapists to treat anxiety issues. It's probably over prescribed and the professionals who do prescribe it seem to believe it's pretty harmless and about as addictive as alcohol; sometimes referred to as a wonderdrug with effects similar to valium but without the repercussions. Of course, these professional opinions are questionable as many medical professionals are in the pockets of large drug companies and it's hard to say which drugs, 20 years down the road, will be determined to be very harmful.

Furthermore, there seem to be plenty of addiction/overdose horror stories regarding the drug. But, judging from personal experience, if you don't have an addictive personality (particularly with drugs), you probably won't think Xanax is anything special (I hardly notice the effects aside from occasional sleepiness, will take it rarely, and won't have any problems. With the high number of commonplace issues for which this drug is prescribed (stress, anxiety, menstrual issues and sleeping problems to name a few), this drug is pretty easy to attain through a doctor and more people than you might think have a prescription. This drug is basically as benign or as dangerous as the person who uses it.
"I thought I felt different the first time I took a Xanax, but to be honest I can't really tell what it does... sometimes it makes me sleepy though."
by guy with a prescription December 11, 2007

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