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1Mst = .08063g

The Mosquito Ton(Mst) = Avg. Human weight 155lbs(7.03x10^4g) is to a "short ton" 2000lbs(9.07x10^5g) as to the Avg. Mosquito weight (.00625g) is to a Mosquito Ton (.08063g)

In short, a Mosquito Ton(Mst) is to an average mosquito as a "short-ton" is to the average human.

This system works exactly as the metric system does, for example there are miliMosquito Tons (1.00x10^-3) so on and so forth. This will bring great new leaps in science for the simple fact that Mosquito tons(Mst) are cooler than grams.
Examples of the Application of Mosquito Ton (Mst)

The weighted average of a mole(mol) of lead(Pb) is 207.2g OR 16.7Mst

The weighted average of a mol(mol of Sodium(Na) is 22.99g OR 1.85Mst

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