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The act of not only re-racking the weights that you use at the gym, but placing them on the rack that they belong. Usually this concept is too difficult for the meat head to grasp due to the steroids not only shrinking their balls, but their ability to understand common courtesy.
Look at me you piece of shit meat head!! I'm placing the weight back on the rack and NOT leaving on the floor after I'm done with it cause I have gym etiquette. Next time try sticking that needle in your fucking eye instead of your ass you fucking blight on society.
by guru on the hill February 17, 2011
A term used to describe your children after they've been around a few years and you realize just how much of a financial burden they really are. Generally people compensate the fact that they're pissing away all their money (on someone that will probably be a dead end loser just like them) by telling themselves that all that money spent (wasted) will one day result in a well rounded successful human being.
I use to make a comfortable living, but then I had a couple of wallet leaches and now I've got to get a second job.
by guru on the hill September 08, 2011

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