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Edison New Jersey, a thriving metropolis in central Jersey, probably the wildest town on the East coast. There is a vast range of communities and neighborhoods ranging from the super-rich, to the projects (holla at ma brothaz and sistaz in pottaz) E-town has all kinds of fun stuff to do for residents of all ages! Malls, bowling alleys, drugs, community centers, strip malls, Indian parades, movie theatres, parks, and cheap hookers. E-town is also conveniently located right next to the world-famous “Little India” shopping district, home of Ritu Fine Jewlers, Patel’s Cash & Carry and many more. Aside from its rich cultural background, Edison is famous for its avid nightlife and party scene. Whether you’re looking to go for a late afternoon drive-by shooting, early morning drug deal, quiet walk in the park, trip to the local shopping center, or catch a late night dinner&movie with that special someone, e-town is the place for you.

E-town is Home Of:
Crack babies
Sno hustlas
Thriving MC's
100% FCUKiiN GUiiD0S
1/2 the indian population of the US
residents of death row
PC (Pottas Crew)
Jarpeeth and Bopshrii were discussing the loss of their good friend Sam AKA Young Geisha due to a tragic driveby on her way to a shady party at an abandoned house in E-Town.
by guns n r ac September 10, 2006

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