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5 definitions by gsa the partay

A lady who behaves in an overly familiar fashion in order to gain the recognition of nightclub door men, and thus, free entry into the aforementioned venues.
"Put your arse away Issy, you harlot door whore."
by gsa the partay January 29, 2005
46 20
A delightful young lady.
Hey dudette, mah hunnidizzle.
by gsa the partay October 01, 2004
3 3
An exclamation of agreement.
"Man, that was a quite super cup of bovril."
"Fuckin' cure man."
by gsa the partay January 28, 2005
3 4
Noun / Adjective

A person who has lately become 'hot stuff' but is likely soon to once again become either persona non gratis, or indeed persona obscura.
"He swanned in with Abi Titmuss; how very lee-eye-pee."
by gsa the partay January 29, 2005
4 6
SW, or 'Secret Wookie'. A lady who has well disguised but excessive body hair. SWs can be identified by examining the arm hair and eyebrows.
Sure, Charlotte Church *looks* do able, but check out the forearms; she's an SW for sure.
by gsa the partay January 29, 2005
7 16