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An awesome punk rock band! The members consist of Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool. Although now most teenage girls think only Billie Joe exsists. Not all of them though! Most of the bands fans now dont listen to a lot of their older music, which i would suggest doing. I mean if you really like Green Day and not just Billie Joe and you like their music off of American Idiot more than likely you will like their older music from Dookie and Kerplunk and those other albums. there are some really great songs on them, you should try them, and i do know what i am talking about because i am only 13 and i like Green Day, i know now a lot of the older fans are thinking why are you telling them to like Green Day not just Billie Joe and thats what you are doing, but i dont jsut like billie Joe, no kidding he is hott. but i dont like the band because of him, i mean if the band sucked (which they dont) i wouldnt listen to their music and i would still think he was hott. but i love their music! i know every song on almost every album made by them, and i know almost every word to every song. but thats just telling you they are a great band and not all of the teenagers that listen to them now like the band just for billie joe. a lot of them like the older music to, dont judge people by the majority rule. but they are a great band. and you should really learn and listen to the rest of their songs. i mean i am a young teenager and i get tired of the way people talk about them, it gets on my fricken nerves!!!
me: hey do you like the band Green Day?
girl 1: yeah, they rock, but they are really old!
me: 34 isnt that old, i mean does it really matter how
old they are anyway? as long as they can still rock.
girl 2: i really like their album American Idiot
me: yep thats the newest one, its really good, but you should listen to their older albums too.
girl 1: why would i do that? thats old music, like what my parents listen to!
me: no its not, most parents listen to oldies, but if your parents do listen to their old albums, your parents have good taste in music, cause mine sure dont!
girl 2: i guess, i like the band my chemical romance...
me: thats a cool band i guess, i mean i only know 1 song.
girl 1: so whats your favorite song?
me: i just said i only know 1 song!
girl 2: i know so whats your favorite?
me: i dont have one! just cause i know 1 song doesnt mean its my favorite!
girl 1: oh okay! so what other bands do you like other than Green Day?
me: i really like the band Nirvana.
girl 2: i love that band!
me: to bad the lead singer died.
girl 1: well the band still rocks
girl 2: do you think the band will ever get back together?
me: the lead singers dead, they would have to find a new one, and then it wouldnt be the same! duh! they wouldnt be able to be called nirvana then!
girl 1: i dont understand!
girl 2: i am really confused
me: UGH! i hate Cheerleaders!!!!
by greendayfan262 July 23, 2006

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