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the new Green Day CD

piss on it

shit on it

and call it Good Charlotte
worst Green Day CD ever made
by green day shit themselves September 28, 2004
I wish they would just get back to rocking out and forget about politics.
It has hurt their music.The music on their new CD is very bad and it's because they are trying to be something they are not.I don't care if they want to cut George Bush's head off and fuck it.Just get back to making good music again because this new CD is so fuckin shitty that it's like a GOod Charlotte CD and not a Green Day CD.I'm sure alot of teenyboppers will like it.I'm sure Bush haters will like it (even though it's musically bad).But it's not like all other Green Day CD's which are all kick ass and therefore THEY FUCKED UP!

Always put the music first.

You're not going to change the world.

So just shut the fuck up and rock.

Shenanigans was so good.

American Idiot is flimsy at best.

I don't like one fuckin song on it.

I'm major disappointed..
by green day shit themselves September 28, 2004

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